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Gabriel Kirkpatrick

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Writer / Director / Cinematographer

Gabriel spent 6 years hiking into wildfires with nothing but his pack and a couple of RED cameras, chasing down Hotshot crews on the most destructive wildfires in California's history. 


Gabriel cut his teeth building the brand for EDC, the largest music festival on earth. His background as a Division 1 athlete gave him the baseline he needed to be able to train and keep up with Hotshot crews, with high-end cinema cameras in tow, in a way that no other filmmakers have ever been able to. His personal connection to these firefighters provided a unique insight and access to their culture that is near impossible to surpass.

Behind the Scenes

Watch the film followed by
a behind-the-scenes featurette on how the incredible footage was captured with the help of RED Digital Cinema Cameras


Sage Seb


Having spent multiple years managing the film crew for Insomniac, Sage is an experienced documentarian and producer who brings a robust vocabulary in the world of verité cinema. With multiple decades of experience working with the biggest brands and biggest names in Hollywood he has established himself with a tremendous git'r-dun approach to producing.


Phil Donlon


A Swiss-army knife of creative talent, Phil Donlon provides years of experience as an actor, writer, and director. Having directed multiple feature films, and acted in featured roles in major TV shows like Power Book IV: Force, and Chicago P.D., Phil has a breadth of experience on both sides of the camera. His story-telling skills proved to be exceedingly valuable in helping to shape the story of "Hotshot" into the robust narrative it has become. 

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