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Imagine fighting a million acre wildfire, by hand, without any water. That's exactly what a Hotshot does. Hotshots are like the Navy SEALs of wildland fire. They are the most elite, the most hardened, and the most skilled men and women on the fireline.


"Hotshot" takes a unique look at the unfathomable world of the most elite firefighters in the world, providing a first-person perspective like you've never seen before. Director/Cinematographer, Gabriel Mann, spent 6 years training with Hotshots, and following them into the biggest, most destructive infernos that California has ever seen.

​Armed with a pack, a fire shelter, and a couple of RED cameras, Gabriel simply walked right into these fires, and the result is a visual feast of the most haunting and spectacular imagery to come out of this epic firefight in the wildlands of the American West.


With truly unprecedented access, "Hotshot" is a raw, honest, and unflinching emotional rollercoaster of a film that shows the personal and professional sacrifices these brave men and women make, the storied history of these unique firefighting crews, and the devastation they confront on a daily basis. It is a poetic and solemn tribute to one of the most dangerous jobs on earth. 



“This film is is haunting, intimate, wrenching, and absolutely gorgeous”

Wildfire Today

Hotshot featured in the Sunday Edition of

The Chicago Tribune!


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